# Custom Cameras

# Setting the Active Camera

Every <three-scene> you create comes with a default camera out of the box that is exposed via the element's .camera property. You can either work with that instance, set the property to a new instance, or use the corresponding camera attribute on the tag to set the CSS selector that will be used to fetch the active camera:



  <!-- Note how the camera attribute here is a CSS selector
  referencing the DOM element below. -->
  <three-scene background-color="#eee" camera="#camera">
    <!-- This camera will replace the one that's automatically
    provided by the scene itself. -->
      position="5, 5, 50"

    <!-- Lights on! -->
    <three-ambient-light intensity="0.2"></three-ambient-light>
      position="10, 10, 50"

      <three-mesh-standard-material color="red"></three-mesh-standard-material>

    <!-- These orbit controls will automatically
    pick up the currently active camera. -->